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Steve Michael - hurricane
Spare a thought for those folk living in Florida.  Steve ‘The Voice’ Michael is always raving about his pad in Florida. “Cruise ships pass by my window every day, it’s a great place to live”. That is until a hurricane heads your way.
Steve Michael, commentator on the World F1 Series, told me yesterday he and girlfriend Katie were stocking up with food and essentials as 160mph winds were forecast and he was making whatever preparations he could to ensure they don’t get caught out with no food or dry cloths.
Steve is off to China in two or three weeks for the Luizhou F1 GP, so hopefully Hurricane Irma will have passed by then and Steve still has a property to live in.

I asked what happens to the giant cruise ships when a storm hits their Florida base. Apparently they stay at sea until it passes to avoid causing damage if moored up.