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It will be interesting to see how the Victory team fare against the best of the American Class 1 fleet when they go to Key West in November 2018 for the Superboat International World Championship.
The race circuit in Key West is no place for novices – the 2017 race featured a horrendous crash on this very tight circuit. Although no-one was hurt, the incident featured big-time in the international media because of the dramatic pictures that were taken.
The UAE Victory team will almost certainly approach Randy Scism to recruit him as their throttleman unless of course the Abu Dhabi team call on his services if they also decide to race in the Key West championship in their almost new cat designed and built by Scism’s company MTI. If so then top US throttleman John Tomlinson may well be the one to operate the Victory accelerators.
The winner after three heats over the week long event in Key West will not be easy to predict, however, there will be some stiff competition from the likes of US entries Miss Geico which was driven by Steve Curtis when it won the World title in 2017, and Rusty Rahm’s 48ft MTI cat Wake Effects which was up with the leaders last year.

Another top contender, Maritimo is unbeatable in its home waters of Australia, but when it ventures to the US for the Key West Worlds it’s not a match for the American heavy metal brigade. Some say it could it be thinner air in the southern hemisphere where all their testing is carried out affecting their Australian built engines.

Victory UAE have become so accustomed to winning UIM world titles, we think the SBI World Championship is the only one missing from their trophy cabinet, so here is their opportunity to correct that situation.