POOLE 100 – 9th September 2017

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Not a lot is known about this late date on the calendar.  The organisers say it’s an unsanctioned race which means it’s being run outside the clutches of the RYA. The dry and wet pits are at Cobbs Quay, Poole which means the fleet has a very long trip to the race course in Poole Bay (about 30 minutes).
How many teams will enter remains to be seen bearing in mind the OCRDA race in Ireland is a few days later.  Any entry will have to be an independent as RYA members cannot take part.
If this race is successful, it could start a trend for organised meetings without the blessing of the RYA, but raises the question who will issue licences to teams ‘just wanting to have a go’, the OCRDA?  It could be that one or two new clubs will appear under a general heading British Offshore Association? Hopefully, there will be some clarification to the licensing issues before next season starts.