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Sam & Daisy Coleman

Please be advised that following a meeting of the jury that was convened today at RYA HQ, the jury met to discuss the protest that had been received by Sam & Daisy Coleman in respect of the disqualification penalty that was applied to them after the P1 Event at Greenock on the 25th June 2017.

After a comprehensive review of the evidence and statements in relation to the matter in question, the jury unanimously decided to uphold the protest based on the fact that correct procedure had not been followed by the officials in a number of areas. These deviations from the required procedures meant that Sam & Daisy had not been party to a fair and transparent process in their disqualification which is one the main things that competitors should expect from officials and the rules. Adherence to the rules is of the upmost importance to everyone involved in the sport whether they be an official or competitor.

The jury would however like to make it very clear that had it not been for the unacceptable level of procedure deviation, the disqualification could have still stood as in theory, the basic reason for the penalty was correct and the competitors engine cowling did not comply with the rules. Regardless of whoever owns the equipment, the legality & compliance of the equipment is always the responsibility of the Driver & Co-Driver.

In conclusion, the original posted results of Race/Heat 4 Greenock are to be re-instated and the disqualification of Sam & Daisy Coleman removed. This jury decision also affects the result for David Taft & Andrew Cousins who will also have their position re-instated.

The jury respectfully request that the event Race Secretary & Officer of the Day re-issues the results of Race / Heat 4 and adjusts the overall results by the end Thursday 13th July please. Copies of these results must be sent to the RYA & UIM and also sent to the P1 Competitors.

For what its worth, the rules state engines in P1 Superstock are mean’t to be ‘bog standard’ and it was clear the engines fitted to the two disqualified boat were not, which makes a mockery of the rule book regardless of any sympathy one might have for the DQ’d crews. Did they know the engines had been tinkered with as we are led to believe Sam and Daisy are very professional.