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A great start to the season for OCRDA’s Aqua Adrenaline Series with a record 32 entries competing at Torquay for four races, the perfect venue for offshore powerboat racing, particularly for spectators.
Few of us can recall such glorious weather that greeted the thirty two teams arriving at Torquay, the capital town of the English Riviera for the first round of the 2018 OCRDA series consisting of two races on Saturday and two on Sunday. The sun was producing temperatures in the high 70’s and the conditions in Torbay was mostly calm on a race course that was fair to everyone. The trickiest part of the course seemed to be at the Haldon Quay turn buoy where the wash of the boats was hitting the quay and bouncing back onto the course as the boats sped by.

Class 2 overall winner Jeremy Gibson and Malachy Brown in 19 ‘Fair Play’ and Class 3 Mark Power and Kevin Walsh in 8 ‘AK Racing’

The fleet was made up of four classes – Class 1 (350hp), Class 2 (200hp), Class 3 (150hp), and Class 4 (100hp), but the mystery of this class structure was seeing a Class 2 outfit thrashing a Class 1 outfit despite sporting less horsepower, as the boat which won overall ‘Fair Play’ with Jeremy Gibson and Malachy Brown, turned out to be a Class 2 finishing ahead of the Class 1 boats. Last year we all enjoyed the ding-dong battles between Jeremy Gibson in his black Phantom ‘Fair Play’ and Graham Lawton in an almost identical Phantom. Sadly, Lawton retired from active competition to build boats while Gibson continues his winning ways. This year his rivals are two young ladies Kayleigh and Odette Priestley in their Phantom ‘Sick Children’s Trust’ who eventually filled the Class 2 runner-up berth ahead of David Foa’s ‘Café Racer’ and Mark Mawby’s ‘Mr Bump’.

Kayleigh and Odette Priestley in their Phantom ‘Sick Children’s Trust’ filled the Class 2 runner-up berth

Several new faces joined the OCRDA party this season including veteran offshore racer from the 90s Max Walker who had teamed up with Daisy Coleman, 2017 Powerboat P1 Champion. Sadly for Walker and Coleman, the reliability of the powerplant on the transom of their immaculate Class 3 Batboat ‘Racer Division’ left a lot to be desired and it broke down in every race.
It was welcome back to powerboat racing for husband and wife team Sharon and Ian Atlee aboard their Class 4 ‘Tintorera Racing’ outfit. The Atlees had taken time out from racing until the sport had resolved its problems (breaking away from the RYA) and now they feel it’s time for a comeback. Sharon is the daughter of the late Paddy Reilly who founded OCR many years ago.
Horse trainer Kevin Edmundson and jockey Annika Hawthorne continued their fine form from last season aboard their bright red Phantom ‘Y Knot’ finishing first in Class 3 ahead of Malcolm Dobson’s ‘White Fusion’, with Ireland’s Alan Power in ‘Power Marine’ filling third place in Class 3 with only 28 points separating the top three. Class 3 was the most hotly contested division with twelve teams dicing for points while in Class 2 there were 11 entries.

First in Class 3 ‘Y-Knot’

Designer builder Alan Power who was racing in ‘Power Marine’ with Sam Jackson in Class 3, watched his cousin Mark Power and navigator Kevin Walsh come to grief in their Class 3 ‘AK Racing’ designed by Alan. Both crew escaped unscathed, but it dropped the team to 9th place whilst Alan managed 3rd. The only other casualty was in Class 2 when race organiser and OCRDA Chairman Rob McCarthy stuffed his immaculate Bernico ‘If Only’ whilst lying in 3rd place during the second race of the weekend. The vastly experienced pilot sustained a few bruises but ‘If Only’ was not so lucky. After being towed ashore inspection revealed several cracks in the deck, broken seats and a hull that needs a repair or two. Indeed Rob and his shore crew managed to patch up the injured rig well enough to take part in Sunday’s two heats and were rewarded with a final total of 308 points and 9th place overall.

Like Class 1 which had just two entries, Class 4 was also under-subscribed with three entries, and Nathan Scott’s ‘Calypso’ (pictured above) collected the prize as winner with 800 points ahead of Tony Walker’s ‘Kamo Krzee’. Joshua Lindsay’s ‘Lethal Viking’ claimed Class 1 honours twenty points ahead of Jason Briggs ‘The Edge’, but there is some dispute after ‘The Edge’ was DQ’d for missing a turn buoy.
At the after-race prize giving all winning teams were presented with their trophies by the Mayor of Torquay Gordon Oliver who announced this was his last term of office after an eight year stint, but he hopes to welcome many crews to Torquay again this year, but as spectators at the 2018 Cowes-Torquay race in August.


Left to right: Annika Hawthorne, Mayor Gordon Oliver, Betty Riley (Mrs Paddy Riley), Kevin Edmundson, and Steve Oaten (Safety Officer)


80 – THE EDGE – Jason Briggs / Brett Croxon – 380 pts – 2nd overall
118 – LETHAL VIKING – Joshua Lindsay / Dan Mott – 400 pts – 1st overall
7 – SW MARINE STORE – Andy Foster / Paul Rush – 182 pts
9 – IF ONLY – Bob McCarthy / Wayne Cooper – 308 pts
11 – THE ROCK – Phil Hancock / James Goldsmith – 367 pts
18 – SICK CHILDRENS TRUST – Kayleigh Priestley / Odette Priestley – 554 pts – 2nd overall
19 – FAIR PLAY – Jeremy Gibson / Malachy Brown – 780 pts – 1st overall
20 – FOAMFURY – Mark Sansom / Ben Corser – 106 pts
36 – CAFE RACER – David Foa / Charles Swales – 524 pts – 3rd overall
38 – JOKER – Richard Dean / Michael Barnes – DNF
45 – BULLET PROOF – Paul Smith / Scott Arthur – 394 pts
65 – MIA SIGNORA – Neil Hurlock / Chris Taylor – 451 pts
69 – MR BUMP – Mark Mawby / Matt Woodward – 478 pts
4 – RACER DIVISION – Max Walker Walker / Daisy Coleman – DNF
5 – POWER MARINE – Alan Power / Sam Jackson – 580 pts – 3rd overall
8 – AK RACING – Mark Power / Kevin Walsh – 279 pts
12 – Y KNOT – Kevin Edmundson / Annika Hawthorn – 607 pts – 1st overall
17 – PRIESTLEY RACING – Dan Priestley / Danielle Cooper – 540 pts
25 – LICENCE TO THRILL – Lee Ornsby / Rob Bowyer – 367 pts
26 – TEAM ROOSTER – Jamie Stickler / Barry Culver – 62 pts
27 – AQUARIUS – Vince Berridge / Dom Lewis – 404 pts
29 – RACING GREEN – Richard Mason / Andrew Richardson – 460 pts
30 – SEAFURY – Steve Satchell / Adam Corser – DNF
34 – CHRIS BROWN MARINE – Chris Brown / Peter Snell – 362 pts
51 – 51 RACING – Simon Harding / Mark Lloyd – 201 pts
55 – MATAHARI 1V – Craig Temple Murray / Paul Scott – DNF
66 – WHITE FUSION – Malcolm Dopson / Ben Brown – 601 pts – 2nd overall
74 – APACHE – Kevin Hunt / Glynn Norvall – DNF
79 – EXE BOYZ – Mark Hayward / Stuart Unwin – 155 pts
14 – CALYPSO – Nathan Scott / Mark Leek – 800 pts – 1st overall
28 – TINTORERA RACING – Sharon Atlee / Ian Atlee – DNF
35 – KAMO KRZEE – Tony Walker – Paula Brown – 540 pts – 2nd overall