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Following a letter from the RYA to all harbourmasters hosting OCRDA events in which UK’s governing body for powerboat racing advises them that these events are no longer under the jurisdiction of the RYA and that OCRDA is a ‘breakaway’ club, only the Plymouth harbourmaster has decided that the OCRDA ‘Grand Finale’ in the city could not take place in his waters.
OCRDA are confident that this prestigious meeting can be moved along the coast to Torquay which hosted the opening meeting of the season. The letter from the RYA implied officials and training did not comply to their standards, but it would appear almost all of these officials have been officiating at RYA event for many years.
The effect of OCRDA breaking away has had a serious effect on the RYA programme as it has played havoc with the Guernsey World 3A and 3B championships and the Cowes-Poole-Cowes race in which it looks like it has attracted only five entries whereas it could have been fifteen if OCRDA teams had been allowed to take part.
As well as the latest news of the IPRC giving up on the RYA, we now know of at least one other RYA club about to part company with the them.