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OCRDA Newhaven

High flying shots of ‘If Only’ in the exposed open waters of the English Channel

The 2nd round of OCRDA’s Aqua Adrenaline Tour certain turned out to be a contrast to the opening round at Torquay. We said in our preview that the Sussex town of Newhaven was exposed to the open waters of the English Channel. It would appear the only person to revel in the conditions was ace photographer Tim Tapping who captured some superb high flying shots. Twenty six teams turned out in Class 1,2 and 3, and Class 1 was won by Brian Peedel’s Volvo V8 powered V24.  Even he reported a few scary moments and said “Next season, I’m flogging the Batboat, buying a RHIB and join the rescue fleet.

Once again Graham Lawton proved he’s almost the best in Class 2 as he followed Phil Hancock across the line while his arch rival and rough water specialist Jeremy Gibson, in an identical boat to Lawton’s, managed to put his outfit up on its side while neck and neck with Graham.  Gibson’s engine stopped and he discovered the fuel tank had been dislodged and was upside down.  In Sunday’s race Gibson banged heads with his navigator who sustained damage to one eye. The pair followed behind Lawton and passed the chequered flag to keep them near the top of the points table.  Driving Gibson’s old Phantom ‘Y Knot’, horse trainer Kevin Edmonson and jockey Annika Hawthorne produced a great performance to fill class 2 in 4th place.


Fushion Motorsports at the OCRDA Newhaven GP

Fushion Motorsports at the OCRDA Newhaven GP