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Although the 2018 season is many months away, OCRDA (Offshore Circuit Racing Drivers Association) are faced with a bit of a dilemma. Over forty teams have already registered and paid up for next year – too many to start in one go.
The solution to this new and very welcome issue will be found by Bob McCarthy and the OCRDA committee to overcome a crowded start line next year. Qualifying is one consideration, or starting Class 1 and 3 together while Class 2 and 4 have a separate start has been suggested. The top six or seven from each class would then line up in a final showdown.
Another problem that will need to be addressed before next season begins is the continual re-starts after accidents which caused delays during the race. OCRDA could adopt a similar system used by F1 boats and cars where a safety boat, with yellow flag raised enters the course following an accident, if possible ahead of the leading boat, and leads the fleet around the circuit until the obstacle is removed, whilst observers keep a beady eye on crews attempting to overtake the boat in front. Once the all clear is given the safety boat pulls onto the centre of the course and a green flag is waved for the race to continue.