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The IPRC have joined up with Ponsharden Boat Yard in Falmouth, Devon to finally bring the fleet together in one place.

The dry pits will now all be located at Ponsharden which is equipped with a large slipway and travel hoist for boats up to 40 Tonnes.
Previously only Class 3 entries were located at the boatyard, but following the arrival of a Naval warship at Pendenis Shipyard (the previous location) which restricted entry to military personnel only the good people at Ponsharden have joined us as full partners.
All Marathon and Class 3 entries should now use Ponsharden as the dry pits.
The yard is very next to the MDL marina and close to McDonalds and major supermarkets and has ample facilities. However, launching is not 24 hours on this site. The hoist is able to operate 3 hours either side of high water – trailer launches have a little more leeway. We are therefore asking all teams to work with us to make launch and recovery as easy as possible.
If you are entering with a boat that requires a hoist we will operate on a first in – first launch basis. The pits will be open from Thursday 27th June. Trailer launched boats must be prepared to launch as soon the hoist is clear of the slip and should be ready to move to the wet pits immediately.
Transit times to the wet pits at Pendenis Marina is around 10 minutes at harbour speeds of 6 knots.
Safety boats and teams bringing support boats should launch these as soon as possible to ensure the slip remains open to race entries. There is no mooring possible for non race boats at Ponsharden.