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At the recent OCRDA – AGM members voted overwhelmingly for the third time to race independently. Left with no other viable alternative, having total support of host venues and absolute assurances of cover from Everard Insurance, the Committee has taken the decision to action members wishes.

OCRDA Chairman said “After 35 years of RYA affiliation, this decision was taken with heavy heart and was not taken lightly”This season kicks off at the end of April at Torquay with over 40 teams registeredas as part of the 2017 Aqua Andrenaline Tour alongside Offshore Water Ski Racing and other on-water activity/

How will this effect OCRDA members? Racing in OCRDA is under ‘Club Class so member will not be racing for National Points or International points. They can of course purchase an RYA licence. OCRDA will bring the fun back into racing as this has been missing for several years. An OCRDA licence will be considerably cheaper than a RYA licence which will making taking part more affordable. We will publish more details of this historic move as and when they appear.