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F1 Cantando's Blaze boat
When we arrived in Evian a few weeks ago for the second round of the F1H2o World Championships, a stroll through the pits area revealed that there was not much change to the fleet from Portimao or Sharjah (2016), with one exception, the bright yellow outfit in Francesco Cantando’s Blaze marquee. Different is an under-statement as this cat certainly heralds a change in traditional F1 design. We asked Fran “how does it perform?” Surprisingly, his answer was, “I don’t know, it’s not been in the water yet.”
This would lead us to assume that the under-carriage may not have changed, but the superstructure has. No-one is likely to launch a brand new hull design in front of a ‘live’ audience and television cameras without first putting it through its paces.
As it transpired the new Blaze outfit was handicapped before the red lights went out as a change of engine was necessary after a engine failure during free practice which mean’t it started from the back of the grid. However, a few niggling technical issues did not stop the striking newcomer finishing in the top ten and collecting one championship point on its debut with its owner/driver singing its praises.
This coming weekend in Harbin, China will be a true test as Fran has had a few weeks to tweak his ‘new baby’ and the Blaze team will be keeping fingers and toes crossed that it performs as well as it looks.
Blaze also have a new F4 cat lining up in Harbin to join the popular BPM Series.