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Revenger 25

The UIM Rules and Regulation safety officials are having a heyday as with the stroke of a pen, they have managed to upset so many people, at a time when the sport is crying out for more boats.

The minimum length for marathon boats is now 27 foot as opposed to 25….why,  has there been a series of accidents involving 25 footers. Brian Pelham, a keen offshore competitor has, at great expense increased the fuel capacity of his Revenger 25 to enable him to take part in the Cowes-Torquay race but he now learns that his boat is too short. How many people can recall Colin Stewart’s Revenger 25 Dispirin the Fast One winning its class in the Round Britain Race. Surely it depends on the 25 footers in question. Certainly there are a few you wouldn’t risk crossing from Southampton to Cowes when there are others more than capable of completing the CTC.

There is a chance you will not recognise the giant monohull of Marcus Hendricks as the canopy has been chopped off. The UIM rules state that the lid on canopied race boats must comply to the same rules of Class 1 cats, i.e air supply, Hans devise etc. The cost involved is atronomical just to take part in a marathon race in a boat capable of around 90mph compared to a Class 1 cat that tops 140mph.