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Mike Lloyd doesn’t need much of an excuse to organise a party, but his latest venture was a little different. I must confess it was one get-together I would have liked to attend but the weekend Mike chose clashed with two other events. Thankfully, Chris Davies was able to get images of the many famous names who have conquered the Round Britain marathon, and a special mention must go to Dag Pike who has became a household name in offshore circles for his navigational skills, and John Caulcott who tackled the 1969 endurance test in a little 21ft ‘rubbadub’ boat called ‘Carbon Neutral’.
Running from Cowes to Torquay and back, the only other annual race for these endurance boats, must have seemed like a stroll in the park for these sea-faring adventurers. The distance around Britain required ten stopovers on the way to take on fuel, but they were but short intervals before the battle weary crews set off again for more punishment on the seas from Portsmouth to Portsmouth.
There have been three Round Britain races, the first being in 1969, the second was in 1984 and the most recent, organised by Mr Lloyd was in 2008. This one was possibly the most dramatic as powerboat racing legend Fabio Buzzi, armed with a famed craft capable of outright victory, hit an underwater obstacle before reaching the start line and so endeth Buzzi’s challenge before it had started.