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Hot on the heels of the OCRDA parting company with the RYA powerboat racing division, we hear that Aqua X has taken the same action. The reason for them going ‘independant’ are similar to OCRDA inasmuch as the cost of RYA licences were prohibitive, the same as a powerboat and they were told they could not issue day licences. Bear in mind the calendar for Aqua X equates the three races nationwide and riders are invited to take part in their local event, expecting those riders to pay £250 for a licence for one race is expecting a lot.

Aqua X is run under the Powerboat P1 umbrella although is affiliated to the much larger international IJSKIA The UK Aqua X is managed by Lisa Barnsby who has won just about every World, European and British Jet Ski championship is a career spanning two decades. She points out that running her series outside the clutches of the RYA Powerboat Racing Division will not only bring the fun back in the competition it will also make our championship more financial viable.

Competition between the top riders and novices is very close as all the machines are standard models available from dealers and tuning motors is not permitted.