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The name Pobjoy Mint was a firm favourite with offshore fans in the 1980’s and the man who gave it that name, Adrian Pobjoy, passed away over the weekend. We have reproduced a short history of Adrian kindly supplied by Alex Foster via Martin Napier of COPC.

I don’t know that I can give you too much really in that field because he didn’t have a long career racing.  Adrian had just been 70.  He and I did a couple of seasons in the Allday Shead, Pobjoy Mint diesel boat and won the British Class II championship in 1980, which included the London Calais London race, CTC, Needles & Torbay internationals.  She had Ford Sabres in the days when we had to be towed up onto the plane (quite dangerous) or feed oxygen into the engines!
Derek raced the Class I Uno-Mint (formerly Uno-Embassy) at the same time. We badly dented the boat’s bottom in a rough race and she was subsequently sold to Fiona Arran who put two petrols in her.  She started the following CTC with Fiona and Vi aboard, but they didn’t get very far.  She was sold on to some rogue who paid Fiona £20,000 in cash from a briefcase!  Needless to say she went straight to Gibraltar and soon afterwards was impounded by the authorities, having been on a ‘cruise’ to Africa.
Adrian was an active director of the Pobjoy Mint, his brother Derek was chairman, until he sold his interest and lived between southern Spain, where they kept a Sunseeker, and England with his second wife Brenda.  He leaves two sons of his first marriage and two daughters of his second marriage.
Derek Pobjoy is now 85 and lives between Crans Montana and the South of France.  His wife Rene died two years ago.  Taya, Derek’s daughter, now runs the Mint. They had all been friends of my family since the 1960’s