Germans join UIM World F1h2o fleet

Germans join UIM World F1h2o fleet

Germans join UIM World F1h2o fleet

Fabian Kalsow was the last German racer to grace the UIM World F1h2o lineup five years ago, this year will see two German riders in the package.
Germans join UIM World F1h2o fleet

Let’s start with the shortest of the pair, little Mike Szymura, he has signed up with the EMIC team to race with Marit Stromoy.
The presence of this racer, of course, provides a fresh opportunity in the competition which will be held at the weekend.

Szymura replaces Christophe Larigot

Szymura, who dominated the F4-S series, will replace Christophe Larigot who has joined the F1 GC Atlantic Team following the retirement of Youseff Al Rubayan. This is a joint decision to give the best to the team at that time.
Szymura’s ride is a Dragon equipped with Mercury tuned by Alec Hedin which will certainly spit out tremendous power, he also briefly explains, where the engine settings are, the products used and so on, the reserve team will include the legendary Dave Burgess who is in charge of design the hull of the ship and ensure that all preparations are properly and correctly set up to be able to immediately launch the boat as expected.
We don’t know much about Dietmar Kaiser joining the Blaze Performance Team as a reserve racer with Francesco Cantando and Bartek Marszalek as the number one and two pilot teams.

Dietmar Kaiser

What we do know is that Mike and Dietmar are new to F1h2o, they have to start from the very back of the grid for at least four races or the time the referee deems ‘safe riders’.

The season opener will be held in Dubai, the race arena is near Palm Island and it will be interesting to see how calm the waters are in the area.
According to the article, Germany has joined our updated UIM World F1h2o fleet